Testimonial 5

Testimonial 4
November 3, 2016
February 7, 2018

It is seldom that one finds friends from what once started as a business deal with strangers. Our renovation was just one of those cases. We started with some ideas to renovate our home, and although we had many demands, the actual project itself was more than we could imagine and turned out to be a true masterpiece! Jesse J. Contracting helped us get started and I began to see in a very short time how this small family of workers took such pride and showed tremendous skill during every step of the renovation. They forged ahead making quality their first priority and the results clearly show that. We get nothing but compliments from every individual whether it be family, friends, or just a visitor that comes to our home!

What we were most impressed by with, however, is the kindness and professionalism along the way. Each person that came into our home showed respect to our family and our project which made it bittersweet as they finished. Our family certainly has had the perfect result from the renovations, an amazing living space, and friends we will be forever thankful to. We sincerely wish to thank Jesse and the Jesse J. Contracting crew for converting our house into an amazing home!

Looking forward to our next renovation!  J